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Announcement for International Scientific Conference: “New issues in the study of history of thought in Vietnam and Korea nowadays”


Nguồn: Viện Triết học, Viện Hàn lâm KHXH Việt Nam

From August 26th to 30th, 2017, the Institute of Philosophy, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is planning to organize an International Conference on the theme of: “New issues in the study of history of thought in Vietnam and Korea nowadays”.
All nations, that have ever existed and developed, always have certain forms of reflection on what they have experienced in thousands of years, and based on that, they have created their own cultural identities. A system of philosophical thoughts is one of some rather special worldviews, that contain all the reflections. That means, the social consciousness of a nation always reflects the problems that were faced by the nation in certain circumstances. Therefore, in each historical period, due to specific social problems, the social consciousness of a nation will be characteristic for that particular time. Studying the social consciousness of a nation in history, of which, philosophy is a method, will show us the characteristics in the way a nation thinks about and solves their respective historical problems.
However, the study of Vietnam’s history of thoughts seems to be a blank space in the international academic world. The world might know about Vietnam as a relisient, culturally diverse and beautiful country, yet the core of that culture, which is a system of rich, deep and unique thoughts, remains in the unknown. Vietnam’s tulmultuous history determined rather different philosophical thoughts compared with other countries, that difference misled people to think that Vietnam had no philosophy. The main issue, for all scholars domestically and internationally, is how to analyze, synthezie and assess that system of philosophical thoughts.
South Korea, the same as Vietnam, is influenced heavily by Confucianism; the country also gives rise to many consequential thinkers until now. In recent years, there has been much attention being paid to the comparative study of Vietnam’s philosophy and other countries who are influenced by Confucianism, especially Korea. On the one hand, the study shows us the similarities and differences in cultures, ways of life, ways of thinking of the two nations through their representatives, on the other hand, it also shows the influence of Confucianism in many aspects of society, especially, morality, spirituality, norms and values, of the people of the two countries. This is a meaningful undertaking for the current time; the clarification of the good points to promote and bad points to limit will contribute to the process of building a harmonious and advanced society. This is a great mission for social scientists.
Therefore, the study to point out new and interesting things about the history of thoughts in both countries is a task of great value, it will bring about much common understanding. At the same time, the scholarly exchange of Vietnam and South Korea in this period also provides much experiences and suggestions for scholars of each countries to gain new insights into the developments of their own countries’ history of thoughts. As such, the Institute of Philosophy is planning to organize an International Scientific Conference called New issues in the study of history of thought  in Vietnam and Korea nowadays”.
The purpose of the conference is to study comparatively the outstanding philosophical themes in the history of thoughts in Vietnam and Korea, then to come up with understandings that are valueable with the reality of modern world, as well as, to find out new lessons for the future.
The Conference focuses on the main issues below:
First, the main tendencies in the study of history of thoughts in Vietnam and Korea nowadays.
Second, study the achievements and problems posed by the history of thoughts in Vietnam and Korea.
Third, Eastern Philosophy in Vietnam and Korea: a historical view and problems raised for the current time.
4.        TIME AND LOCATION  (Tentative)

1. Time: 04 days, 2017 August 26th to 30th

2. Location: Hue City, Thua Thien - Hue, Vietnam (or Hanoi City, Vietnam)
5.        FORMAT (Tentative)
1.  Besides the opening and closing ceremony, discussion sessions will be held according to specific topics.
2.  Scholars participating in the conference will send their papers to the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee is responsible for assessment and classification of the papers into each specific topic.
3.  After the conference, the papers will be edited and published in the Journal of  Philosophy and published in a form of  a Proceeding of the Conference.
6.        ORGANIZERS:
The Institute of Philosphy, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Address: 59 Lang Ha str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: (+84) 4 3514.0528
Email: iop.vass.gov.vn
Website: www.philosophy.vass.gov.vn
7.        SPONSOR:
National Foundation for Science and Technology Development
Add: 4F, 39 Tran Hung Dao Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi 
Tel: (+84) 4.3936.7750
Fax: (+84) 4.3936.7751
Website: www.nafosted.gov.vn/;
Email: nafosted@most.gov.vn
8.        CONTACT:
Department of Scientific Management and International Co-operation
The Institute of Philosphy, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Address: P.109, 59 Lang Ha str., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Tel: (+84)4. 3514.0529/ 4.3514. 0528

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